Investment Risks

Your investment may underperform other investments for periods of time.

  • Movements in a market sector, due (for example) to interest rate movements or economic factors, may have a negative impact on your investment and/or on the returns generated by your investment.
  • Market values may be volatile and loss of capital may occur.
  • International factors such as exchange rate fluctuations and movements in international stock markets may affect the value of your investment if they are priced in foreign currency.
  • If a security is suspended from trading, we may be unable to sell the investment in a timely manner.
  • Market filters do not provide complete protection against market down-turns and may result in frequent switches between cash and other investments.

Simulations carried out on data history are no guarantee of future performance.

How Porter Capital Manages Risk

Porter Capital is unable to eliminate all investment risk, but uses macroeconomic and volatility filters to identify market risk and move to cash when risks are elevated. All strategies, in addition, are rigorously tested for suitability to local markets and executed through a systematic process to eliminate emotional and behavioural biases.

How You Can Manage Risk

Please consult your financial adviser about spreading risk by diversification — across asset classes, markets and strategies — and for advice tailored to your specific needs.