About Us

Porter Capital was founded by Tony Porter and Dr Bruce Vanstone in 2006 to research and develop active, quantitative investment strategies for Australian equities. Based in Brisbane, Australia we offer innovative, system-based investment management for high net worth investors and independent financial advisers.

Investors will benefit from our expertise in the areas of portfolio and risk management.

Tony Porter is Director of Porter Capital.

Key Strengths

Proprietary Momentum System

Global academic research shows that stocks which have outperformed in the recent past tend to continue to perform strongly in the months, or even years, ahead. Sentiment towards a stock, not just fundamentals, plays a large part in such stock moves.

Our proprietary Prime Momentum system is designed to capture positive market sentiment that overruns existing fundamental values.

Market Filters

It is difficult for most equity strategies to produce positive results during a market down-turn. Our research shows that Momentum trading systems outperform the market over the long-term, but may under-perform in bear markets or when there is no strong trend and high volatility. We use macroeconomic and volatility filters to identify market risk and move to cash when risks are elevated.


Active investment is prone to emotional and behavioural biases inherent in traditional analysis. Our rule-based systems ensure decision-making is disciplined, unemotional and objective.


Large fund sizes restrict manouverability and inhibit performance. We limit exposure to markets so that it does not hinder our ability to exit when risks are elevated.

Investment Research

All strategies are rigorously tested for suitability to local markets.

Practical Experience

Our executive team has over 20 years experience in funds management, investment and financial services.