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ASX200 Prime Momentum

Porter Capital’s ASX200 Prime Momentum strategy returned 1.26%* for the 12 months ended 30th April 2015, compared to 10.23% for the ASX200 Accumulation Index.

*Returns are reported after investment management fees and brokerage, but before administration fees and performance-based fees which vary depending on investment size and commencement date. Returns are unaudited and subject to revision.

Our proprietary systems:

  • invest in outperforming stocks;
  • identify market risk; and
  • move to cash when risks are elevated.

Our primary objectives are:

  • to protect investor capital from market down-turns; and
  • to outperform the relevant benchmark index over a 5 to 10 year time frame.

Our key strengths are:

  • extensive practical experience in funds management;
  • proprietary systems, rigorously tested for local market conditions;
  • macroeconomic and volatility filters to identify market risk;
  • our ability to exit markets when risks are elevated; and
  • rule-based systems to ensure disciplined, unemotional and objective decision-making


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